This is an integral and very important part of home construction. A properly prepared timber frame house project will save not only time but also money. The close constructors' collaboration with architects allows you to find optimal solutions for construction materials, which significantly reduces the amount of money spent on unnecessary materials. Experienced engineers-designers ensure that the house is warm, stable and long-lasting. The software of these days simultaneously designs the 3D image of the frame elements and calculates the carrying capacity of the constructions. All structural elements of the building and their assemblies are solved. The constructional solutions of the house are immediately accommodated to match with the engineering systems: water supply and sewage, ventilation, electrical wiring. All projects of our frame houses are prepared in accordance with the building regulations and the requirements of the European Union standards (“Eurocodes, EN”). All structures are designed and manufactured from materials with quality and safety certificates ("CE"). This mark indicates that the product meets the requirements of European directives and has been subject to appropriate conformity assessment procedures.







The idea of wood panel houses was born from timber frame houses. With the advancement of technologies, the walls needed for the frame house are now being produced in closed workshops. This home-building technology has created the main advantages of panel houses - quick assembly of panels and the high quality of the house. When working in the factory, seasons and bad weather conditions do not affect the production of panel house elements. The panels are only made from dry calibrated wood of C18, C24 class strength. Also, we ensure full control over the quality, timing and rational use of materials. That is precisely why the construction of panel houses is high-quality, fast and economical. All production is carried out according to the production design drawings presented by the engineers-constructors. Within about 4-5 weeks, the construction team produces the constructive parts of the house: the outdoor walls, the internal construction panels, the ceiling panels, and roof panels.






The produced elements of the timber frame house (panel house) are loaded into semi-trailers and transported to the construction site. The panels are installed in 2-3 days using a crane car. On the first day, the outer and inner walls of the first floor and the ceiling panels are installed. On the second day, prefabrication and installation work of the second-floor wall panels are carried out. On the third day, the roof panels are installed. After all panel installation work is completed, the roof is covered, finishing panels are installed, and the rain drainage work is completed within 7-10 days. The outdoor siding is assembled at the points where the panels are joined. The house with a fully covered roof, rain drainage system and completed outdoor finishing work is built in just 2 weeks.

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