Benefits of Timber Frame Houses (Panel Houses)

One of the greatest advantages of a frame house (wood panel house) is flexible and fast construction. Using wooden structures, we can build the most modern houses with any finishing materials on the market.

Fast and well-planned construction

The construction of a medium-sized house (about 120 square meters) until full outside finish takes just up to 2 months. At the start of the foundation work on your site, at the same time, the factory begins to produce panels for the walls, ceilings and roof. After 4-5 weeks, the walls with insulation, steam and wind resistance, outdoor siding and installed windows are brought to the construction site. In another 1-2 weeks, the panels are installed, the roof is covered, the rain system is installed, roof panels and remaining exterior finishing details are completed.


The walls, ceilings and roof elements of frame houses (panel houses) are made at the factory, which is why their quality is not influenced by seasons and bad weather conditions. All elements are made according to the project submitted by the engineer-constructor, thus guaranteeing full control over the construction and maintaining high quality. All elements of the house are made only from certified, calibrated, dry wood which is essential for a long-lasting and durable house. Only high-quality and CE-certified construction, fixing and insulation materials are used.

Environmentally friendly

An environmentally friendly timber frame house is a well-designed, heat-insulated structure built of renewable, durable, natural materials. Wooden walls accumulate heat and evenly distribute it throughout the room. The walls of such a house “breathe”, naturally ventilate the air in the rooms, and maintain constant relative humidity, which provides comfort. Materials with a lower environmental impact are used for construction. The house is highly sealed and well-insulated to minimize the use of fuel for heating and to optimally exploit natural and internal energy sources. Wooden houses have a positive impact on the environment and on human health.


The production cost of frame house (panel house) structures (walls, ceilings, roof panels) is lower than that of a similar house built using other technologies. The price of the remaining part depends little on the construction technology, and most of all on the wishes and financial possibilities of the customers.

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